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SEAiq Pilot

399 usd

SEAiq Pilot is the premier app in the SEAiq family of chart plotters. It is designed especially for use by river/channel/harbor pilots. It includes support for loading vector charts in the S-57, S-63, iENC, and BSB/KAP formats and use of external NMEA/AIS over WiFi.Features unique to SEAiq Pilot include:* Support for official HO S-57/S-63 marine charts* Adheres to IHO S-52 chart display standards* Predicted vessel display (with ROT)* Docking aids displaying distance/velocity to wharf fenders* Vessel catalog* Supports WiFi based AIS plugs and Portable Pilot Units* NMEA/AIS record and playback* Waypoints, routes, ETA, XTD, speed limits* Route Meeting Point* Visual CPA* AIS "virtual boarding"* Mariners tools: VRM, EBL, Mariners Notes, Clearing Lines* And lots more...
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